Can I say two words? Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

Hell yeah, I’m a Stargate (the movie, SG-1, and Atlantis) fan. Or as my friend Michele calls me: Nerd. LOL. I love Sci-fi. I’m a total geek about it. Tonight, on Stargate Atlantis, Ronon Dex was the feature player, and all I could think was, OMG he’s friggin’ hot (Okay, I think that EVERY time I see him — what can I say:). So, there you have it. Enjoy or make fun of me. Either way, it’s all good. LOL.



as Ronon Dex
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3 Comments on “Can I say two words? Jason Momoa”

  1. danette Says:

    He is yummy, I think he was on a show that was filmed out here in HI. I don’t remember the name. Hope your weekend is going well.
    Hugss, Danette

  2. reneegeorge Says:

    He certainly was! The first show I saw him on was North Shore, filmed there in Hawaii. He was also on Baywatch: Hawaii, but alas, never watched that show. LOL. My weekend is going great, darling! Thank you for asking. Hope your’s is going spanking as well!

  3. OMG!! He’s not just freakin’ hot… he’s abso-bloody-lutely freakin’ hot!! YUM-O!!!

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