Frosted Flakes? No, Frost and Flake, lol.


This is an homage I paid to Michele Bardsley’s men of Snow Dreams. I just thought they were deliciously hot and deserved to have faces I could drool over. LOL. Don’t miss reading about them for yourselves!



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6 Comments on “Frosted Flakes? No, Frost and Flake, lol.”

  1. Wow! Love the image. I just bought the book and now I’m looking forward to reading it even more. I have “faces” to imagine as I read. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Renee!!!

  2. Renee George Says:

    It really is an awesome book, Robin! You won’t be disappointed. *wicked grin*

  3. danette Says:

    Nice, those men are yummy.Can I borrow?

  4. reneegeorge Says:

    LOL, well, you’ll have to ask Michele. But I think she’s all about sharing. 🙂

  5. lexxiecouper Says:

    OK, it’s summer in Australia, but these two chilly men have seriously made it a million times hotter!

  6. reneegeorge Says:

    LOL, Lexxie. 🙂

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