I must be losing my mind… :)

I’ve decided in a moment of sheer madness to redesign my website. It’s not perfect yet, lol, but it’s coming along and workable. It seriously needed a face lift, and not just a minor nip and tuck. Check it out, and who knows how many times it will change in the next couple of days. But…when I’m finished I’m going to have a scavenger hunt contest! So, pay attention. 🙂

Renee’s new website stuffolla!



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4 Comments on “I must be losing my mind… :)”

  1. Caffey Says:

    Hi Renee! Its Cathie. I just went to your site and checking it out and wow you are so good!! Its sexy and so neat! Love the grays! I’m looking forward to seeing when you decide you’re done and want us to hunt there!!! Glad to find your blog too!

  2. Dawn Says:

    Very lovely. I can’t WAIT to see your completed site. Kudos on the revamp. It’s hard to do. I LOVE how you have your series books listed at the top. Lovely. *hugs*

  3. Diana Evans Says:

    Hi Renee….I found you through Danette’s post with your wonderful work…

    nice to meet you!!!


  4. Renee George Says:

    Thank you, Diana! Nice to meet you as well. 🙂 It’s lovely being found. LOL.

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