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RT 2008 – The photo diary. LOL.

April 24, 2008

Holy smack! I think I’m technology challenged. Either that or wordpress has got personal issues with me. LOL. I’ve been trying to upload pictures this morning in multiple ways. No such luck. So I signed up for that shutterfly thingy after seeing Nanchez’s. 🙂

So, here are my pics from RT. Stole a couple from Jaynie, Jose, and Nancy. Hope you all are cool with that.




RT 2008 – Pittsburgh and Beyond fantastic!

April 23, 2008

My memory is for shit, so names, dates, places, and events may be different from anyone else’s recollections and I refuse to take responsibility for depleted brain cells. 🙂 BTW – I’m a hugger, so I think I hugged nearly every person I either met or was introduced to, so for all of you with personal space issues, I apologize after the fact, and next year, just avoid me. LOL. And to my BFFs, thanks for knowing me and loving me anyways. You all have no idea how much you mean to me! (Okay, done with the pre-apologies, lol)

RT 2008 – The beginning, somewhere in between, and the end. 🙂

Holy Schmoly! What a trip RT was this year. First let’s start with how I was treated like a domestic terrorists at the airport leaving Kansas City. LOL. My BFF Michele Bardsley (she flew in from OK and met me in KC) and I had our flight delayed on United, so they, being the generous souls they are moved us over to a Midwest flight (and thank heavens or we would have spent the first day of RT in Chicago!). But, because of the airline move, our luggage was searched top to bottom, then our carry on crap was ravaged, then we got a full body massage from the security guard. I swear I’ve had less thorough exams at my gynecologists. Luckily they didn’t bring out the dogs to sniff our persons or anything, and after it was all over, I gave the uniformed chick at $5 tip and told her to keep up the good work. LOLLOL.

The plane we got on was small, like I could lay across the aisle and touch both sides of it small. Really made me nervous, but it was a direct flight (yeah!) and we got there an hour ahead of schedule. That Pittsburgh airport, sheesh (I know you all know what I’m talking about). I thought I was going to have to get a doctor’s note to be excused from the long, arduous walk down to their train thingy that takes you to the baggage claim area. I was huffing and puffing so badly I could barely smoke my cigarette when I got out the front doors! hehe. (Bad Renee).

Da da dah! Jose Lugo to the rescue. He came and picked us up (along with his lovely friend Megan) at the airport (such a sweety! and he gave us chocolate, for which I will be leaving him good shit in my will — future reference there, Jose) and drove us to the Hilton. OMG I was so excited to see my other BFFs Dakota Cassidy, Terri Smythe, Jaynie Ritchie, and Robin (in the bar of course) when we got there! These are some of the coolest chicks evah! (Double chins or not, lol). If you’d only lay off the booze, chicas. (kidding — sort of — LOLLOL). I think we checked in and took our bags up to the room somewhere along this timeline, but can’t remember when. I shared a room with Ter and Michele. I sleep like the dead so their snoring wasn’t a problem… hehe. (To tell the truth, I have no idea if they snored. I sleep like the dead!)

The whole of RT was a whirlwind blur. Panels, snarks, fans, friends, balls, dancing, shopping, leg cramps, etc. LOL.

MaryJanice Davidson – Soooo f*cking nice! I don’t care what Dakota and Michele say… LOL. It was like finding out your teacher is a real live person. Also, her BFF Jessica is awesome.  Oh, and MJD said I had gorgeous eyes, which of course, since I’m keeping score, put her way ahead on the leader board. AND she bought breakfast for Michele and I, so again, waaayy ahead on the leader board. LOL. L.A. Banks – omg, tall, beautiful, and funny. Plus, since I’d bought her a cup of coffee, we’re like BFF’s now. (p~~ D!) Monique Patterson – senior editor for St. Martin’s Press – wow, like she was just wow. I managed to talk to her (after a friendly push – because I’m a major chicken ass) and then felt sick after words, LOL. She was completely lovely and approachable, but I rambled (because that’s what I do when I’m nervous) and felt like a total goof. 

Let’s see, there were some awesome peeps hanging out in the smoking area where I set up my home away from home, lol. Julie and her mom, Morgan Hawke, Delilah, Barbara, Goeff, Ron, and Jay. Also, met some new BFFs Lori and Space, a husband and wife team who are unrivaled! They totally rocked the Casbah.  Nanchez and Patricia! You both are da bomb!!

Oh! And I had a fan. Woot! Woot! LOL. A lovely lady named Char who has actually read both Renee George books and Hannah Beckham books, which just totally made my whole year, since I wasn’t completely unknown. Nearly, mind you, but not completely.

The ebook signing was cool, if not a little disorganized, but I give the RT ladies total props for trying hard. I loved seeing Shara Cooper again and discussing the hot guys of BBC.  Shara, me and you, like this. (imagine me crossing my fingers indicating solidarity.) lol. And Woot! Finally met Selena Illyria. A totally rockin’ chick. Loved her. Jade Buchanan, just as wonderful and full of personality. She’s like major cool. I kissed Sahara Kelly every time I saw her. Come on! Like who wouldn’t!  A late arrival, Kira Stone met all my expectations. After knowing her via Internet for the last several years, it was amazing meeting her in person. Also, another highlight was meeting my publisher Margaret Reilly and her husband, Bill. Love them! I didn’t get to visit much, but did manage to give them both hugs, lol.

The print book fair went awesome for my buds Dakota and Michele. I’m uber proud of both of them!! I’m grateful to J. C. Wilder for introducing me to the Jennifer Dunne “yeep.” LOL. Both ladies were fantastic, btw. To all the FAR chicks, you all just get cooler every time I meet you! Cici and Erika – two fantastic sisters who know how to work the shoes! And Linda! Lovely Linda. She won a wallpaper from me last month and was seriously working the mug. LOL.

I apologize completely if I left anyone out. Everyone I met made an impression on me and made this RT even better than last year, but I’m terrible with names!

On the way home, I was treated like a domestic terrorist again, only this time in Pittsburgh. Stupid me, I wore a shirt with a metal circle clasping fabric between my boobs. I couldn’t get through the metal detector without setting it off. I offered just to take off my shirt, lol. But noooo. Instead, I got my ass patted…several times (damned riveted jeans!) Had my boobs felt up, not once, not twice, but three times! I’m like day-yam! Michele says I just have one of those faces that make people suspicious. Either that or they just want to touch all that is ME.

I’m going to post pictures soon!

Hugs and love,


The Scavenger Hunt is afoot!! Win a coffee mug! :)

April 9, 2008

It’s all about spring around here. I’m so glad for some decent weather! Even if it is a little rainy in Missouri. The website is finally done, and the scavenger hunt is on! Good luck everyone. 🙂

Details can be found at

The winner will get a fabulous coffee mug with a design from me. 🙂 It’s the same piece of art that I’m currently giving away as free wallpaper on my website.

It’s from my new Cafe Press store.

The hunt is running until May 1st, 2008, so search for the objects and
have some fun!

My #%$ is killin’ me.

April 7, 2008

Let me start by saying, you never know how important a left butt cheek is, until it hurts to badly to use it.

I’ll start from the beginning.

Yesterday was my great nephew’s birthday. The little cutie-pie turned eight years old and decided to have a bowling party. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a bowling party does not include plastic foodware with lids. LOL. My nephew’s party included mostly adults, since his school doesn’t allow birthday invitations handed out during school. Anyways, in the spirit of the boy’s birthday, all of us decided to partake in rolling the balls down the lane.

Now, when I was younger, I was a hella bowler let me tell you. I haven’t bowled in many, many years though, but I still remember my form and all that, it was like riding a bicycle I tell you. Granted, I only scored a 116 in my first game and a 138 in my second game, but it was respectable considering most of us hadn’t picked up a bowling ball in quite a while.

Yes, I only bowled two games, then the party was over, but that was twenty frames of lining up on the arrows, three steps down as I’m swinging the ten pound ball back with my right hand, bending the left knee as I take my last stride forward, with the right leg sweeping behind, while the right arm is moving like a pendulum toward the lance and releasing the ball to head its merry way down the lane to the waiting ten pins.

It was gloriously fun! I’m high fiving with my son, my brother, his wife, my husband, sisters, neices, and nephews, along with their respective others and such after. I’m telling me husband “Why don’t we do this more often?” “What a great family activity!” etc.

So, anyways, back at the house last night, my right thigh is a little sore, same with my hand, but really, no worse for wear. I take a hot bath to stem off muscle aches since my husband keeps saying stuff like, “I bet we’re going to be hurtin’ tomorrow.”  And I’m like, “nah, a little soreness, nothing more….”

Oish!! I roll out of bed today, stand up, and nearly fall back into bed. My left ass cheek has gone on strike. Mostly because it feels like someone has taken a sledge hammer to it. And let me tell you, you don’t know how badly you need both cheeks until you can’t use one! I called my husband…he says he can’t use his right arm today…damn man’s braggin’ though because he didn’t use “proper” bowling technique, his ass is fine.

I really did have a good time though. I think (once I start having proper use of my ass again) I may have to try the bowling thing again. LOL.



Ahhhhh! Ouch. More Waxing woes….

April 7, 2008

Well, I’m gearing up for Romantic Times convention in Pittsburgh in the coming weeks, and I decided I was too lazy to leave the house but sorely needed some personal grooming. Soooo….. I made some homemade depillatory crap, and let me tell you, the shit works! It’s like freaking self-torture but it works. LOL.

I did my eyebrows and my woman-stache. Let me preface this whole thing by saying, I have never ever evah waxed my upper lip before. But, hey, I’m getting older, starting to get a few dark hairs on the corners, I thought, what the hell. Right?

First I did the brows. No biggie, not my first time at the dance. It definitely had the “ow” factor, but they didn’t even hardly redden. Granted, I nearly had only one good brow by the time I finished (my past experience with waxing the brows had not been at my own hand, lol). Luckily, I managed to save enough that I don’t have Whoopie Goldberg no-brow brows. Whew. Dodged a bullet on that one.

Oy, now to the up lip. By the time I’d gotten done with the brows, I thought, hey, I’m an effin’ pro! So, I applied the homemade wax over both sides of my upper lips, put down the cloth strips, smoothed it confidently, and riiiiiippppppppeeeeed!

Let me just say, the pro in me was more than slightly embarrassed that I’d forgotten to put down the cornstarch first (over the hairy area) to keep the crap from sticking to my skin. I definitely grabbed the upper layer of epethelials with that one. Then the space between my nose and lip started welping up, getting fiery red, and bumpy. It burned people. It burned like crazy! Quickly (the nurse in my coming out ) I grabbed a piece of ice from the freezer and rubbed it over my lip for the next proceeding 15 minutes, then followed it with a benadryl (I figured if it didn’t help the swelling, it might at least knock my ass out so that I could sleep through most of the terrible pain).

Any ways, I woke up this morning, and the redness was gone. yeah! A few welpy bumps remain, but no more woman-stache. LOL. Soo, any of you crazies want to try this at home. Here’s the recipe I used:

Renee’s Wax Torture
1 cup of sugar
1/4 cup of corn syrup or honey
1/4 cup of lemon juice
Heat in the microwave for 3 minutes (in a glass pyrex bowl — it’ll be hot shit) stir until the crystals dissolve, let it cool down — seriously cool down — cut up an old shirt for cloth strips — use cotton — dust your hairy spots with cornstarch, rub the cloth over it, yank against the grain of the hair, and scream.
It’s all good. lol.