My #%$ is killin’ me.

Let me start by saying, you never know how important a left butt cheek is, until it hurts to badly to use it.

I’ll start from the beginning.

Yesterday was my great nephew’s birthday. The little cutie-pie turned eight years old and decided to have a bowling party. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a bowling party does not include plastic foodware with lids. LOL. My nephew’s party included mostly adults, since his school doesn’t allow birthday invitations handed out during school. Anyways, in the spirit of the boy’s birthday, all of us decided to partake in rolling the balls down the lane.

Now, when I was younger, I was a hella bowler let me tell you. I haven’t bowled in many, many years though, but I still remember my form and all that, it was like riding a bicycle I tell you. Granted, I only scored a 116 in my first game and a 138 in my second game, but it was respectable considering most of us hadn’t picked up a bowling ball in quite a while.

Yes, I only bowled two games, then the party was over, but that was twenty frames of lining up on the arrows, three steps down as I’m swinging the ten pound ball back with my right hand, bending the left knee as I take my last stride forward, with the right leg sweeping behind, while the right arm is moving like a pendulum toward the lance and releasing the ball to head its merry way down the lane to the waiting ten pins.

It was gloriously fun! I’m high fiving with my son, my brother, his wife, my husband, sisters, neices, and nephews, along with their respective others and such after. I’m telling me husband “Why don’t we do this more often?” “What a great family activity!” etc.

So, anyways, back at the house last night, my right thigh is a little sore, same with my hand, but really, no worse for wear. I take a hot bath to stem off muscle aches since my husband keeps saying stuff like, “I bet we’re going to be hurtin’ tomorrow.”  And I’m like, “nah, a little soreness, nothing more….”

Oish!! I roll out of bed today, stand up, and nearly fall back into bed. My left ass cheek has gone on strike. Mostly because it feels like someone has taken a sledge hammer to it. And let me tell you, you don’t know how badly you need both cheeks until you can’t use one! I called my husband…he says he can’t use his right arm today…damn man’s braggin’ though because he didn’t use “proper” bowling technique, his ass is fine.

I really did have a good time though. I think (once I start having proper use of my ass again) I may have to try the bowling thing again. LOL.



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2 Comments on “My #%$ is killin’ me.”

  1. emmaraygarrett Says:

    ROFLMFAO! Oh, god, laughed just as hard the second time as the first!

  2. ~Linda~ Says:

    Poor Renee I feel your pain…. sort of. :o)

    Last week I was trying to dig out a bush…. my shovel broke and I went flying.. landed on a concrete birdbath……ouch

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