My week in Tulsa, OK with that fabulous Bardsley chick.


Well, Michele’s book release party was a success! She was fabulous, the fans were awesome, and our BFF’s Dakota and her dude, along with Jose Lugo traveled great distances to show their support.  Michele’s new book Because Your Vampire Said So is sooo worth the read! An awesome addition to her vampire Mom series, and what was really cool is that it came out just in time for mother’s day!

Dakota and Jose

Below is a great shot of Michele, signing a book, looking purty as usual. 🙂 I miss her already!

Two days before Michele’s book launch, we took Charlaine Harris out to dinner! For anyone who isn’t aware. I’m a total fan girl of Charlaine’s. I’d read toilet paper if she wrote on it. LOL. She was very sweet, and gracious. And busy! She was on the second city of an eleven city book tour, and she’d just gotten back from the location shoot of True Blood (of which she had pictures!). I can’t wait to see the series when it comes out. I’ve already read From Dead to Worse. Love, love, loved it. Can’t wait for the next one. *sigh* Too long to wait, in my opinion. LOL. Below is a picture of myself with Charlaine.

I realize I look calm in the picture (Michele took the picture), but let me tell you, I felt sick with nerves. *grin*



Renee 🙂

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