What the Filk were we thinking??

Welll…..First official day of Conestoga, and let me tell you: Total life affirming experience, peeps! LOL. A nice guy explained the whole filking thing to Dakota, Michele, and myself. Totally not what I thought it was, LOL. Apparently, it really is sci-fi fantasy lyrics sang to folk music. Apparently, back in like 1958 at some scifi convention, the guy writing the program meant to type “folk music” but he had a typo and it ended up spelling “filk music” and the whole filking thing caught on from there. Awesome, huh?

Here’s a video of a group called the Queen’s Gambit. Pretty fun, LOL. Michele is really getting into it by the end, and Mark Henry has the pleasantly surprised (hehe) look on his face.

Okay, now Dakota and I met an enthusiastic 15 year old vampire chick named Diana and she invited us to her tea party. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we were totally in! She had a lot of energy and more guts than I had at that age. Kudos, Diana! Michele took the video. LOL

We had a blast hanging out with Mark Henry, Jaye Wells, and whole bunch of friendly, yet dirty minded people, which was just, well, you know, AWESOME! lol.

Renee (will report more tomorrow night, lol)

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4 Comments on “What the Filk were we thinking??”

  1. terrises Says:

    LOL … sounds like FUN.. sorry I missed it

  2. Jaye Wells Says:

    Hi, Lady! So great to hang out with you this weekend.

  3. Mark Henry Says:

    Totally. You ROCK! Why can’t I see the videos. I feel like I’ve passed my expiration date, or something.

  4. reneegeorge Says:

    Terri – you were there, my darling, in spirit!

    Jaye – my new BFFF in a brokeback way! lol. It was really great hanging out. You are awesomely fantastic, chicita. 🙂

    Mark – I may ROCK, but you are the POOPER! A shower and some refrigeration will totally extend your shelf life!

    I’m not sure why you can’t see the video. You have flash and stuff on your computer, right? If you can watch a youtube video you should be able to see it. I’ll send you the links.

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