Random Dream — You put your what where?

Okay, so I woke up this morning (by morning, I mean afternoon, of course) from a very strange, yet pleasant dream. I walk into this office full of dudes. You know, like a secretary pool, lots of cubicles, etc… only it’s all guys manning the phones and computers. For some reason, I’m huffing and puffing (not on cigarettes and soo totally not what you’re thinking! Though I like those dreams as well).

Apparently, I’m on a man hunt. I shout out, “I need a few gay men!”

Totally random, right?

So, they all ignore me, until one guy looks up. He smiles with blindingly perfect white teeth and says, “I’ve always wanted to hang out with 70s/ 80s throwback.”

In response, I put one hand on my hip, strike a pose, and say, “Girl, I am retro-ly-delicious.”

Then…I wake up. Suck! I’m afraid now that I’ll never know why I needed those few gay men. LOL. What the f*ck does it all mean???

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4 Comments on “Random Dream — You put your what where?”

  1. terrises Says:

    maybe it is for a new BOOK

  2. reneegeorge Says:

    You are such a slave driver!!


  3. Space Says:

    OMG, I just about pee’d myself reading this one !!!

  4. reneegeorge Says:

    I don’t want to be responsible for your incontinence! I’ve got enough guilt issues. LOL. I am retro-ly-delicious. hehe. Well, I could be stretching it, but my dream self thought so.

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