A Little Slice of Reality…

So, I’m a reality TV freak. I’m so not going to apologize, so there. :p~~~ Besides, where else can you research multiple personalities amplified in the bubble of being watched 24/7. It makes for great character study.

– Spoiler Warning –

Project Runway:

Bottom Three:

Kieth aka “Latter Days” – he made a dress that looked like it came from a rag bin, but the whole gay Mormon thing is hot, so I’m glad he didn’t get the boot.

Jennifer aka “Sad Sack” – and that’s exactly what her dress looked like too, a sad, very sad, sack. It was pitiful.

Emily aka… I don’t know. She didn’t have enough personality to get a nick name. – Lord have mercy what was that girl thinking? Then, as she’s leaving she’s all “That dress was fabulous. Those judges don’t know what they’re talking about.” Girl, I have seen less costume-like dresses on Flamenco dancers. It had this huge neon rainbow of ruffles across the boobs and down the belly. Oy. She was so out.

Top Three:

Terri aka “Foxy Brown” – like Pam Grier in that fabulous 70’s movie, her outfit was hot, tough, and had a lot of attitude. I totally dug it. She was robbed of winning tonight. It was this great dress/ shirt with an open back and hugged the body in all the right places. Very cool.

Leanne aka “the Mouse” – Although, I have to give it to her. That skirt was FABU. If Terri couldn’t win tonight, I would have picked Leanne’s outfit, but alas, she was robbed as well.

Kenley aka “Veronica Lake” – Okay, Veronica had blonde hair, but I’m sure it wasn’t naturally blonde. But Kenley is certainly a 40’s throw back, which I can totally dig. But the dress, ugh. It was a few decades ahead of the forties and not in a good way. I remember people wearing crap like that in the 80’s. The only thing missing was the shoulder pads. I didn’t think she had the worse, but wow, she definitely wouldn’t have been in my top three, let alone the winner of tonight’s challenge.

So You Think You Can Dance:

Mark – loved him tonight. The Viennese Waltz and that Contemporary Jazzy routine was rockin’. I don’t care what DC says. 🙂 I always believe Mark when he dances. Totally.

Chelsea – That chick has some fabulous leg and hip action. I’ve loved her since the auditions, nothing has changed. She smashed the mambo, and worked the hip hop tonight. Love her!

Joshua – That man was on it tonight! He is always so masculine on the dance floor. His technique is awesome (though I don’t know why the judges keep saying he doesn’t have classical training when he has said a couple of times that he took several years of ballet. Guess it’s better hype to pretend he’s strictly a hip-hop dancer). The contemporary routine was fantastic. Yay! Tyce Diorio, ’cause he has had some stank choreography this year. And the Paso! Wow.

Katee – See above. Katee and Joshua killed it tonight. Fan-freaking-tastic.

Twitch – He’s seen better days. His mambo was lack luster, sort of tainted the whole night for me on him. Though he did a great job in the hip hop routine.

Courtney – She was beautiful in the Viennese Waltz and hard hitting in the contemporary jazz thing she did with Mark. Spectacular to watch!

I think Twitch should go next from the boys. I can’t pick a bottom out of the girls. They are all great.

I still miss Gev, though. *sigh* Love that little Russian cutey. I could totally adopt him.

Shear Genius:

I am sooo glad the judges didn’t pick anyone as a winner. Those Charlie’s Angels hairdos were a hot mess. Ugh. Horrible, horrible. There wasn’t one good style in the bunch. Where do they get these people? I’ll still watch it last night.

And wow, Charlie is a total bi-otch. But in a good way. LOL.

Well, there’s three hours of my life (although actually only about an hour and a half because I DVR’d the shit and skipped commercials).

I’m sorry if you actually read the whole blog post. There went 5 minutes of your life. LMAO.



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4 Comments on “A Little Slice of Reality…”

  1. lexxiecouper Says:

    Hey! We get the American “So You Think You Can Dance” Down Under. I love it!

  2. reneegeorge Says:

    Very cool, Lexxie! Who’s your favorite? Mine was Chelsea, alas. *sigh*

  3. terrises Says:

    I was surprised that Chelsea went I thought it would be Courtney, but I like all three. I wanted to see Mark go I don’t dig him too much

  4. lexxiecouper Says:

    We’ve only just meet the final twenty. So far, I like Twitch, but I’ll tell you more on Wednesday…umm, your Wednesday am 😀

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