Madam Perwinkle’s Melanie Unmasked by Michele Bardsley!

My BFF Michele has a new book out and it’s fantastic! I had the privilege of doing the cover art, so yeah me, lol. Go check it out. It’s a lot of naughty, naughty fun! You won’t be disappointed.

Melanie Trident is an accountant for Viva Venus, her step-sister’s über successful day spa. Mel is used to being the plain one, especially when compared to her gorgeous blonde sibling. That’s probably why she keeps reading her favorite romance novel, Wizard’s Heart. At least then she can pretend she’s the heroine of her own story.

Her sis insists she attends a masked ball to celebrate the opening of Club Mirage; Mel reluctantly agrees and hits the shopping district. She discovers an unusual store called Madam Periwinkle’s Erotic Delights. It has every naughty thing a girl needs to entertain herself and a bevy of lovers. Yet, Melanie is drawn to the golden Mask of Aphrodite. The unusual proprietor has it wrapped and boxed before Mel decides she even wants it.

As if that’s not weird enough, she meets a gorgeous stranger in a coffee shop. Nic Chival’s interest in her is both surprising and intriguing, but Melanie doesn’t trust easily. However, she doesn’t count on Madam Periwinkle or the special qualities of her merchandise. The magic of the mask opens up a whole new world… and Melanie has to decide if she wants to risk everything for the heart of a man who already loves her.

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4 Comments on “Madam Perwinkle’s Melanie Unmasked by Michele Bardsley!”

  1. I love love love that cover, Renee. It is in my opinion the best cover you’ve created. Gorgeous!

  2. Lori Chapman Says:

    I so need you to design a fairy for me. I keep thinking I want to get a “tramp stamp” but Space said if it is a fairy, she has to be hawt since he will be the one seeing it the most……LOL! Miss you honey!

  3. Mark Henry Says:

    Nice ass on that fairy, Renee! Kudos.

  4. reneegeorge Says:

    Lexxie – Thank you, darling. *big kisses* You know I never get tired of hearing stuff like that. lol.

    Lori – You know I’d design you a fairy in a heart beat. And I’d make her hot with a capital H. You just let me know when. 🙂 Miss you back!

    Mark – I’m like a total ass-pert. Right? LMAO. (and thanks 🙂 I’m reading Happy Hour of the Damned right now, btw. I’m ruthlessly enthusiastic about it so far. *grin*

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