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Madam Perwinkle’s: Outlook Orgasmic by Hannah Beckham

September 11, 2008

More Madam Periwinkle books have been released! These are part of the series started from the wicked mind of Michele Bardsley. Outlook Orgasmic by Hannah Beckham features one of my BFFs Terri. While Out of This World by Cat Marsters features a bra every girl should own. LOL. I was priviledged with doing both covers. Woot!

Outlook Orgasmic by Hannah Beckham

Terri Smythe, a transplanted New Yorker, is trying to find her feet in Kansas City. After an emergency “save-me-before-I-slit-my-wrists” visit from her best friends, and a shopping spree at Madam Periwinkle’s Erotic Delights, a Magic 8-ball sets her off on an adventure of a lifetime.

That adventure has one name — Niko. He’s gorgeous. He’s strong. He’s bold.

He’s also a vampire.

Out of This World by Cat Marsters

In Jana’s universe, everything is synthesized. Food, clothing — even sex. Crashing her ship on a backward organic planet, she meets a man who shows her that the real thing can be out of this world.

Jake is quite happy living in solitude on his remote Yorkshire farm. Well, mostly happy. Nearly, at any rate. When Jana crashes on his land, he’s surprised, but not totally shocked — as a werewolf, he’s used to the unusual. What does astonish him is Jana’s passionate nature. Her ship is powered by sexual energy, but she’s never actually been with a real man. A situation Jake quickly sets out to remedy, himself.

Then a chance encounter with a certain purple-haired purveyor of erotic goods leaves Jana with just the item she needs to get her home. But does she really want to go back any more?


Aww, Sookie, Sookie, now!

September 10, 2008

And no, I’m not talking about the King Floyd “Groove Me” song from the 1970s. I’m soully on the True Blood train. The new series from HBO premiered Sunday night and it was AWESOMENESS personified.

The show is based on the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire mysteries by Charlaine Harris (my all time fave author) and the series creator Alan Ball has really done a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life.

There are a few differences from the books (like the F-bomb being thrown around like confetti and Anna Paquin is not nearly as voluptuous in body as our Sookie) but all in all dramatic, funny, horrific, and sexy as hell!

There are some characters (because I’ve read all the books) that I can’t stand because I know how they will turn on Sookie in the future, but I am looking forward to each revealing moment. For a more inside look, Blood Copy is a news related site for Bon Temps. Check it out.

Don’t forget to watch! Sundays at 9:00 pm on HBO. (Oh, and go read the books for the love of all that is fangulous!)