Oh, Tis the season to be scared…I mean, scarred…

That damn Mark Henry has scarred me for bowling 4-evah! I like bowling. *sigh* And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you obviously haven’t read his wittifully horrific and hilarious Happy Hour of the Damned. (If you haven’t you should or Mark might send some “mistakes”  to your home to bite your head off.)

In Stores Now...

Let’s just say I had some “pee my pants” moments, so the zombies weren’t the only ones afflicted by incontinence.

The book has great characters, phenomenal sub-plots (the back stories are too good to miss), and a mystery that will keep you guessing until all is eaten…err…revealed. Amanda has a personality that every adult, who was once an outcast teenager, can relate to. With her trusty sidekicks, Wendy and Gil, Amanda is making dead the new black. I can’t wait for Road Trip of the Living Dead, but I may have to invest in some Serenity pads first.

As an aside, here’s a new desktop wall paper I created for October. Something to get you in the spirit of the month. Oh, and it’s Amanda inspired. 🙂 Enjoy!

Just click on the image, to take you to a larger image, then right click and add as your new desktop background.



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One Comment on “Oh, Tis the season to be scared…I mean, scarred…”

  1. Mark Henry Says:

    That is so awesome!!! It’s now adorning my iBook!!!!


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